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 EACOHTECH Past Questions and answers| Eagles College of Health Technology past questions and answers house comprehensive and well compiled past question and answers for all  Candidates preparing for the Eagles College of Health Technology entrance examination. We urged you to download your past questions for this year’s exams. Eagles College of Health Technology past questions comprises of English Language, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Below is a sample for you to practices on:

EACOHTECH Past Questions

Only recent copies and compiled questions of past examinations are provided in the PDF. Once downloaded, you can print it out if you want it in hard copies. For the one available on this page, please note that it is PDF (soft copy). 

Sample Questions:

1. Light travelling through a small pinhole usually does not make a shadow with a distinct sharp edge because of
A. diffraction
B. interference
C. reflection
D. refraction

2. The angle of incidence of a ray of light on a plane mirror is 55°. Determine the angle between the reflected ray and the mirror
A. 35°
B. 45°
C. 55°
D. 110°

3. A concave mirror forms a magnified and erect image only when the object is placed
A. at the centre of curvature
B. at the focus
C. between the focus and the pole of the mirror
D. beyond the radius of curvature

4. A thin lens is placed 50cm from an illustrated object. The image produced has a linear magnification of ¼. Calculate the power of the lens in dioptres
A. 2.5D
B. 5.0D
C. 10.0D
D. 25.0D

5. Which of the following characteristics of light determines its colour?
A. velocity
B. wavelength
C. amplitude
D. intensity

6. Which of the following is not a part of the electromagnetic spectrum?
A. x-rays
B. microwaves
C. infrared radiation
D. alpha rays

7. Sound interference is necessary to produce the phenomenon of
A. beats
B. doppler effect
C. acoustic resonance
D. echo

8. A satellite in a circular motion around the earth does not have
A. a gravitational force acting on it
B. a uniform velocity
C. an acceleration
D. a centripetal force acting on it

9. When a conductor mounted on an insulating stand is charged and left for some time, the conductor eventually loses all its charges. This is because the
A. electric charges evaporate from the surface of the conductor
B. charges are connected to the earth
C. charges on the conductor are neutralized by opposite charges from the surrounding air
D. charges ionize the surrounding air

10. A cell of e.m.f. 1.5V is connected in series with a resistor of resistance 3.0Ω. A voltmeter connected across the cell registers 0.9V. Calculate the internal resistance of the cell
A. 2.0Ω
B. 3.0Ω
C. 5.0Ω
D. 6.0Ω

Because you are here we  be rest assured that you will make it in the upcoming examination, just follow the instruction on this page to download your EACOHTECH Past Questions and answers and be confident of yourself to avoid examination fever.

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