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A manually operated lawn mower was designed and fabricated to help in the development and maintenance of institution, community and the society in the area of grass cutting. During the design and construction of this machine, factors that were considered included environmental conditions, effectiveness of the machine and maintenance. The mower was designed with an internal spur and pinion gear system which transmits the torque to its spiral mechanism. The cutting mechanism was made of a flat blade rigidly fixed to the frame behind the reel arrangement which was configured to make a slight contact with the reel blades during its rotation. Test and performance evaluation of the machine was conducted at an open grass field. An effective field capacity of 0.20 m2/s and field efficiency of 63.44% was obtained. The cutting effectiveness was achieved at a rotary speed of 715 rpm of the shaft. The cost of this machine indicates that it is economically viable and is comparable to other currently available options in terms of efficiency.




One of the basic requirements of modern man is his shelter. Man has constantly tried to adapt to his environment/surrounding by creating a habitat suitable for his survival. The natural environment which man lives in is usually covered with vegetation which includes forest trees or grasses. As man evolved intellectually, much effort has and will continue to be placed on improving the state/condition of his habitat for various purposes (security or aesthetic value). For man to build a shelter, he must reshape this virgin environment to his needs.

One of the ways man reshapes his environment is by cutting off the surrounding grasses. In the past, cutting of grasses was done by cutlasses, hoes or machetes which are usually time consuming, as it requires human effort, inaccuracy in cutting level and also a very high risk of accident when using this manual cutting methods. The need to overcome these setbacks was the motivation to develop a concept of a manually operated lawn mower. A lawn mower is a machine that uses one or more revolving blades to clear a grass surface to an even height. The blades may be powered either by hand, by pushing the mower forward to operate the mechanical blades, by an electric motor, or a small internal combustion engine to spin the blades. Some mowers also carry out other functions, such as mulching the cut grass or collecting their clippings in a bag. Two main styles of blades are used in lawn mowers. Lawn mowers employing a single blade that rotates about a single vertical axis are known as rotary mowers, while those employing a multiple blade assembly that rotates about a single horizontal axis are known as cylinder or reel mowers.

There are several types of mowers, each suited to a particular scale and purpose. The smallest types are pushed by a human user and are suitable for small residential lawns and gardens. Electrical or gas-engine-powered mowers are used for larger residential lawns. Riding mowers, which resembles small tractors, are larger than push mowers and are suitable for large lawns.


This Project DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF A MANUAL LAWN MOWER seeks solution to the common problems encountered during lawn mowing operations include technical, environmental pollution, operational limitations. Technical and operational problems arise from the degree of complexity of the design while environmental problems emanate from choice of energy source which powers the device. These problems make lawn mowing a little tasking, hence this work intends to design and construct a non-engine powered lawn mower that is affordable and efficient for consumers.


The aim of this study DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF A MANUAL LAWN MOWER was to design and construct a portable, user-friendly, cost effective, pollution free and non-engine powered lawn mower that can serve as perfect alternative to the fuel driven lawn mowers. With the help of this lawn mower, consumers can easily maintain and beautify their environment without any hassle.

The objective of the project include:

  • Reduction of danger in operation such as electric shock if powered by electricity.
  • Reduce cost of fuel for running the mower.
  • To design and construct a lawn mower which operates around acute areas.
  • Eliminate the emissions of carbon monoxides which are mostly responsible for environmental pollution.


This project work DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF A MANUAL LAWN MOWER of designing a manually operated lawn mower tends to address some issues such as the availability and affordability of fossil fuels in Nigeria. Most importantly, it eliminates the emissions of carbon monoxides which are mostly responsible for environmental pollution and also causes the green house effect believed to be responsible for the worsening global warming of our planet.

However, there are some limitations in this design which are as follows :

  • Leaving the grass to grow too long and will make one struggle to mow it down. You can still do it, but it will often take 2-3 passes over the same area to get it down to a reasonable length.
  • Mowing can take a little longer as the width of cut may not be as wide as on your usual mower.


Lawn mower is an essential tool for the maintenance of lawns. They vary in size, mode of operation and power. The rotary mowers for example are usually powered by a gasoline engine and are ridden and steered by the operator but they create noise pollution, air pollution (due to their emission of carbon monoxide) and most of all they are costly to maintain and purchase. Hence the design of a lawn mower that is safe, durable, efficient, cost effective in terms of purchase and maintenance and user-friendly.

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