COOUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Entrance Examination

COOUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

COOUTH School of Nursing Past Questions: This is the home of the COOUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers. We provide you with a comprehensive compilation of the past questions and answers. We compile these into an ebook – a pdf. Below are some samples questions for you:

Sample of COOUTH School of Nursing Past Questions 

  1. The arrangement of particles in crystal lattices can be studied using

A) X – rays

B) γ – rays

C) α – rays

D) β – rays

2. Which of the following forms of variation will give a normal distribution?

A) Blood groups

B) Tongue rolling

C) Body weight

D) Finger prints

3. A surface in the path of an advancing wave on which all the particles are in the same state of disturbance is called a

A) crest

B) cycle

C) pulse

D) trough

E) wave front

4. The importance of sodium aluminate (III) in the treatment of water is to

A) cause coagulation

B) neutralize acidity

C) prevent goitre and tooth decay

D) kill germs

5. Which of the following vertebrae provide articulating surfaces for the ribs?

A) Thoracic

B) Lumbar

C) Cervical

D) Sacral

6. A body has masses of 0.013kg and 0.012 kg in oil and water respectively. If the relative density of oil is 0.875 calculate the mass of the body.

A) 0.02 kg

B) 0.03kg

C) 0.04kg

D) 0.05kg

E) 0.06kg

7. What type of bond exits between an element X with atomic number 12 and Y with atomic number 17?

A) Electrovalent

B) Metallic

C) Covalent

D) Dative

8. The ventricles of the mammalian heart have thicker muscular walls than the auricles because the

A) ventricles are larger

B) ventricles receive more blood

C) ventricles pump blood to longer distances

D) auricles have smaller capacity

9. A stone is dropped from the top of a tower of height 11 .25m. Calculate the time it will take to reach the ground. [g = 10ms-2]

A) 1.00s

B) 1.50s

C) 2.25s

D) 2.50s

E) 3.00s

10. Hardness of water is mainly due to the presence of

A) calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide

B) calcium trioxocarbonate (IV) or calcium tetraoxosulphate (VI)

C) sodium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide

D) calcium chloride or sodium chloride salts

11. The physical and chemical factors which affect the life of organisms in an environment are described as

A) biotic

B) edaphic

C) abiotic

D) physiographic

COOUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

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Subject combination for the COOUTH School of Nursing Examination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

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