College of Health Tech Calabar Past Questions and Answers

College of Health Tech Calabar Past Questions

College of Health Tech Calabar Past Questions and answers: this is more or less the College of Health Technology Calabar Past Questions’ portal. We avail you of the school’s entrance examination past questions in the most simplest and comprehensive form possible. How so? We compile the questions –which are collected from the last 5 editions of the exams –into a single pdf ebook. Below are a few samples for you to try:

Sample of College of Health Technology Calabar Past Questions

  1. The cells and tissues of the nose, throat, chest diaphragm and lungs from the

A) circulatory system

B) respiratory

C) transport system

D) digestive system

2. When very hot water is poured into a thin-walled glass container, it is less likely to break because

A) all parts of the container got heated-uniformly

B) glass can withstand a very high temperature

C) the molecules of glass are too far apart to cause breakages of the container

D) the outer part of the container is cooler than the inner part

E) thin glass does not expand fast

3. The function of zinc electrode in a galvanic cells is that it

A) undergoes reduction

B) serves as the positive electrode

C) production electons

D) uses up electrons

4. The exchange of gases between the environment and the respiratory organs of vertebrates is referred to as

A) inhalation

B) respiration

C) expiration

D) breathing

5. An electron makes a transition from – 1.60 eV energy level to – 10.4eV energy level Calculate the energy loss due to the transition.

A) 16.64eV

B) 12.00eV

C) 10.40eV

D) 8.80eV

E) 6.50eV

5. CH4(g) + Cl2(g) → CH3Cl(s) + HCl(g)
The major factor that influence the rate of the reaction above is

A) catalyst

B) temperature

C) concentration

D) light

6. The maintenance of a constant internal environment in an organism is known as

A) homeostasis

B) homoiothermy

C) diuresis

D) dialysis

7. A plane which is Inclined at an angle of 30 ° to the horizontal has a velocity ratio of

A) 2

B) 1

C) 0.87

D) 0.67

E) 0.5

8. The condition required for corrosion to take place is the presence of

A) water and carbon (IV) oxide

B) water, carbon (IV) oxide and oxygen

C) oxygen and carbon (IV) oxide

D) water and oxygen

9. Which of the following organs is responsible for the production of insulin?

A) Spleen

B) Adrenal gland

C) Thyroid gland

D) Pancreas

10. A mass of 5kg is suspended from the ceiling of a lift with a light inextensible string. As the lift moves upwards with an acceleration of 2ms-2, the tension in the string is [g = 10ms-2]

A) 25N

B) 40N

C) 50N

D) 60N

E) 70N

College of Health Technology Calabar Past Questions

With the rife competition for places on the list of admitted students in the school, one needs to perform to his/ her optimal best to stand a chance of being admitted. What better way to do it than by getting acquainted with the examination past questions. With these past questions which are contained in the ebook, one is sure of having a near perfect knowledge of what to expect in the exams while also being predisposed to some of the exam questions beforehand.

Subjects Combination for College of Health Technology Calabar Entrance Examinations

  1. Biology
  2. English
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

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