College of Basic Midwifery Kafanchan Past Questions and Answers

College of Basic Midwifery Kafanchan Past Questions

College of Basic Midwifery Kafanchan Past Questions and answers: welcome to your most reliable past questions depot, so to say. Here, we make provision for all your past questions needs, and on this page, we have brought you news on how to access the College of Basic Midwifery Kafanchan entrance examinations past questions. We have compiled questions collected from multiple years, and there would be about 300 questions in total. These questions are all, for your ease of usage, gathered up in a single pdf ebook ready for you to download.

College of Basic Midwifery Kafanchan Past Questions and answers (PDF)

Why would you require this ebook? Suppose you are struggling to answer that question, permit me to let you in on some pieces of information. This ebook contains questions from the past five years’ exams which means with it, you are sure of having a well-vested background knowledge of what to expect in the exams as it pertains to the pattern of questions and the areas from which the questions are mostly derived. Going further, it might interest you to know that a sizeable percentage of the exams questions are usually repeated, and this means that a thorough practice of the ebook, gives you access to some questions in the exams as well as the opportunity to find answers to them, all these before you’ve stepped into the examination hall.

Samples of College of Basic Midwifery Kafanchan Past Questions

  1. The length of a simple pendulum is increased by a factor of four. By what factor is its period Increased?

A) 0.25

B) 0.5

C) 1.66

D) 2

E) 4

2. Iron can be protected from corrosion by coating the surface with

A) gold

B) silver

C) copper

D) zinc

3. The mode of nutrition common to green plants is

A) autotrophic

B) heterotrophic

C) holozoic

D) saprophytic

4. Which of the following pairs is an example of translucent bodies?

A) Cardboard and moon

B) Clear water and glass

C) Frosted glass and waxed paper

D) Oiled paper and brick

E) Wood and metal sheet

5. What quantity of aluminium is deposited when a current of 10A is passed through a solution of an aluminium salt for 1930s?
[Al = 27, F = 96500 C mol-1]

A) 0.2 g

B) 1.8 g

C) 5.4 g

D) 14.2 g

6. The mode of nutrition common to green plants is

A) autotrophic

B) heterotrophic

C) holozoic

D) saprophytic

7. A voltage of 240V is connected to the primary coil of a the rating of the primary turns to the secondary turns if the voltage available at the secondary coil is 15V

A) 0.06

B) 0.9

C) 1.6

D) 16

E) 36

8. In which of the following is the entropy change positive?

A) Thermal dissociation of ammonium chloride

B) Reaction between an acid and a base

C) Addition of concentrated acid to water

D) Dissolution of sodium metal in water

9. Micronutrients essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll include

A) iron and potassium

B) iron and magnesium

C) magnesium and calcium

D) magnesium and potassium

10. Two metals A and B lose the same quantity of heat when their temperatures drop from 20°C to 15°C. If the specific heat Capacity of A Ii thrice that of B, calculate the ratio of the mass of A to that of B.

A) 3:01

B) 4:03

C) 3:04

D) 1:02

E) 1:03

Subjects Combination

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry

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