BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

By | May 13, 2020

BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers – Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing Past Questions – BUTH Past Questions. 

BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

Recent & updated soft copies BUTH School of Nursing past questions and answers are available on this page. You can now download Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing past questions as PDF here. BUTH entrance examination will be held soon. To pass the  entrance examination, one has to study and read so as to score high and perform great in the exams. That’s why we are recommending you to download and study BUTH exams past questions for her school of nursing. 

One step to stay ahead of others and become finally eligible BUTH admission, is if you work hard in your studies and preparation for the exams. Quickly see the subject combinations that makes up BUTH school of nursing exams past questions below.

BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

The subjects contained in this PDF are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Language. Questions from each subjects has been drafted from BUTH past examination papers held over the years. Good enough, these questions has been supplied accurate answers for each. The BUTH nursing school past questions will expose you to most repeated questions in the past and not only that, it will enhance your all round preparation for the exams. 

BUTH school of nursing past questions

Sample Questions:

  1. The deficiency disease that results from the lack of vitamin B due to frequent eating of rice is

A. Rickets

B. Night blindness

C. Scurvy

D. Beri-beri-

2. When a food substance gives a purple color on the sodium hydroxide and a drop of copper sulphate, then the food substance likely to contain

A. Carbohydrats

B. Fat

C. Protein

D. Sugar

3. In mammals, digested food is absorbed in the


B. Ileum

C. Colon

D. Duodenum

4. Using iodine solution, Biuret test, Benedict reagents and ethanol, respectively in testing for reducing
sugars, which of the following trends of colour changes would be observed?

A. Blue → black → blue → brown → clear

B. Brown → blue → brick red → clear

C. Brown → violet → blue → clear

D.Brown → blue → violet → milky

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