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By | July 7, 2020
Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions

Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions and answers exposes you to the exams format and also most repeated questions that are likely to come up again this year. I believe you arrived here because you are in need of Atiba University Direct Entry Past Question papers. Accordingly, this page offers genuine and most up to date PDF copies of the Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions which shall help you in turn ace the examination when the due time comes. On this page, you will be shown some samples so that you have a glimpse to what the entire eBook look like.

Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions

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A second option is to state explicitly whether your course is in the Art Faculty or Science Faculty etc. Note that Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions and answers are available for all subjects and all course/programmes.

How to Download Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions

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Once we recieve the details above and also confirm your payment, the past questions will be delivered to you within 5minutes. In some cases, it can take up to but not exceed 24hrs. This is dependent on a number of reasons but are not limited to:

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In cases were you encounter any of this issue, please feel free to call or chat us as we shall respond to you immediately. You can also call before or after payment for confirmation/verification purposes.

Atiba University Direct Entry Past Questions Samples:

  1. The cost of discharging 6.0g of a divalent metal, X from its salt is ₦12.00. What is the cost of discharging 9.0g of a trivalent metal, Y from its salt under the same condition?
    [X = 63, Y = 27, 1F = 96,500C]

A) N12.00
B) N27.00
C) N63.00
D) N95.00

2. A safety precaution designed to prolong the life of a lead acid accumulator is

A) By topping up the cells with concentrated acid
B) The use of naked flame when charging the battery
C) Keeping the specific gravity of the electrolyte within specified range
D) By connecting wires to the terminals directly when testing the level of charging

3. One important characteristics of green plant is that they

A) possess specialized sense organs
B) Are usually motile
C) Are autotropic
D) Respond slowly to stimuli

4. The mass of water vapour in a given volume of air is 0.05g at 20°C, while the mass of water vapour required to saturate it at the same temperature is 0.15g. Calculate the relative humidity of the air.

A) 3.33%
B) 5.55%
C) 33.33%
D) 55.55%

5. A virus can sometimes be regarded as a living organism because it

A) causes diseases in plants and animals
B) It exists in a variety of shapes
C) Is easily visible with the aid of an electron microscope
D) Reproduces in living cells

6. The reaction 2H2S+SO2→3S+2H2O2H2S+SO2→3S+2H2O is

A) not a redox reaction because there is no oxidant in the reaction
B) not a redox reaction because there is no reductant in the reaction
C) a redox reaction in which H22S is the oxidant and SO22 is the reductant
D) a redox reaction in which SO22 is the oxidant and H22S is the reductant

7. The angular dispersion of a prism depends on

A) The index of refraction only
B) The angle of incidence as well as the index of refraction
C) The angle of incidence only
D) The thickness of the prism only

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