ATBUTH School of Nursing Bauchi Past Questions and Answers 2020

By | July 21, 2020

Download ATBUTH School of Nursing Bauchi Past Questions and answers. School of Nursing ATBUTH Bauchi past questions are provided on this page for you. Will you partake in the 2020 entrance examination of School of Nursing Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital? If so, i highly recommend you to download ATBUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers available on this page. I will show you a step by step guide on how to purchase and download the complete past question papers. I have provided some samples below for you to see. These samples are intended to show you what is contained in the complete ebook. Once you purchase the complete ebook, you will be able to see all questions from 2010 to 2019. 

Sample Questions:

1. Identical twins inherit their genes from

A) the same ovum and different sperms
B) the same sperm and different ova
C) different sperms and many ova
D) the same ovum and the same sperm
E) many ova and many sperms

2. The general formula of alkanones is


3. image formed by a converging lens of focal length is of a distance of 2f from the lens. Calculate the lateral magnification produced

A) 0.5
B) 1
C) 1.5
D) 2
E) 3

4. The offspring produced when pure strains interbreed is descried as

A) dominance
B) phenotype
C) allele
D) genotype
E) hybrid

5. The constituent common to duralumin and alnico is

A) Co
B) Mn
C) Al
D) Mg

6. If the first position of resonance in a resonance tube is 18.0cm from the open end, the distance from the open end to the next position of resonance will be

A) 24.0cm
B) 27.0cm
C) 36.0cm
D) 45.0cm
E) 54.0cm

7. Which of the following diseases or disorders can be prevented by the application of the knowledge of heredity through marriage counseling ?

A) Sickle cell anaemia
B) Haemophilia
C) Diabetes mellitus
D) Colour blindness
E) River blindness

8. The shape of the S-orbital is

A) elliptical
B) spiral
C) circular
D) spherical

9. Calculate the peak voltage of a mains supply of value 220V.

A) 121 V
B) 156 V
C) 225 V
D) 240 V
E) 311 V

10. Which of the following is a function of the chromosome?

A) Transmission of hereditary traits
B) Protein synthesis
C) Excretion
D) Energy production
E) Manufacture of enzyme

11. The functional groups present in the compound above are

A) Alkene and halo-group
B) Hydroxyl and chloro-group
C) Alkene and chloro-group
D) Hydroxyl and halo-group

12. The clinical thermometer differs from other mercury-in-glass thermometers because it has I. a constriction
II. a wide range
III. a short range
IV. a narrow bore. Which of the above are correct?

A) I and II only
B) I and III only
C) III and IV only
D) I,II and III only
E) I, III and IV only

How to Purchase ATBUTH School of Nursing Bauchi Past Questions

Now that you have decided upon getting the ebook, let me first of all let you know that it would cost you 2000 Naira only. This money would be paid through transfer or via bank deposit, to the following account.


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How to Proceed After Payment and Download:

After making payment, we would expect you to send the following information to us; you can do so by SMS or by Whatsapp:

Please send the following details to 08100923529 via whatsapp or as SMS. Once payment is confirmed and the information below is received, the past questions will be delivered to you immediately.

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NOTE: The contact number is 08100923529. You can call and also chat at anytime.

Soon afterwards, your ebook would be delivered but not before we have verified your payment and have recieved the information above. Being an ebook, you would recieve it electronically either through whatsapp or your email so you can as well indicate what medium you prefer.