Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions: Welcome to the past questions’ portal where you have express access to a comprehensive compilation of the past questions collected from the past 5 editions of the examinations.The questions add up to about 300 all of which we have compiled into a single ebook (pdf).

Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions

Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions

With this ebook, you can be rest assured of a good performance in the examinations; at least, a better one than you would have had without it. Why so? This is because with it you stand to gain invaluable information as regarding the mode which the questions take, the areas you are supposed to concentrate on. Also, it gives you the privilege of having to work on some questions which you are likely to see in the exams since some questions do repeat. Below are a few samples to try:

Samples of Adamawa State College of Nursing Past Questions

  1. Which of the following substances would you see as an indicator in the titration of sodium carbonate solution against hydrochloric acid (complete neutralisation)?

A) Litmus paper

B) Phenolphthalein

C) Methyl orange

D) Universal indicator

E) None of these

2. Which statement is NOT correct about molecules? 

A) The number of molecules in a unit volume of a solid is greater than that in a unit volume of a liquid or gas.

B) Molecules are made up of atoms

C) The force of attraction between two molecules of a solid is greater than that between two molecules of a liquid or gas

D) Molecules of gases are in regular motion

E) Molecules of a solid vibrate about their mean positions.

3. Which of the following organisms is an endo-parasite?

A) Tapeworm

B) Flea

C) Tick

D) Aphid

4. 200 cm3 each of 0.1M solutions of lead (II) trioxonitrate (V) and hydrochloric acid were mixed. Assuming that lead (II) chloride is completely insoluble, calculate the mass of lead (II) chloride that will be precipitated. [Pb = 207, Cl= 35.5, N = 14, O = 16]

A) 2.78 g

B) 5.56 g

C) 8.34 g

D) 11.12 g

5. What is the angular velocity of an object in a horizontal circular path of radius 1.5m with a constant speed of 12ms-1?

A) 1.6 rads-1

B) 4.0 rads-1

C) 8.0 rads-1

D) 16.0rads-1

E) 32.0 rads-1

6. Oil applied to the surface of water kills the larvae of mosquitoes through

A) dehydration

B) poisoning

C) starvation

D) Suffocation

7. 56.00cm3 of a gas at S.T.P. weighed 0.11g. What is the vapour density of the gas?
[Molar volume of a gas at S.T.P = 22.4dm3]

A) 11.00

B) 22.00

C) 33.00

D) 44.00

8. A wave is represented by the equation y = 0.5 sin 0.4 Ω(X – 60t), where the distance (X) is measured in centimetres and time (t) in seconds. What is the wave length of the wave?

A) 0.2cm

B) 0.4cm

C) 0.8cm

D) 5.0cm

E) 10.0cm

9. Which of the following natural resources is most readily available to all organisms?

A) Oil

B) Water

C) Air

D) Food

Subjects Combinations

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

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