ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Examination – Click Here to Download

By | June 5, 2020

ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF – Up to date ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions PDF for 2020 entrance examination. 

Make your preparations easy when you download and study ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions. This eBook comes with supplied answers for each questions on it. The combinations are, English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing past questions PDF is available on this page. 

We appreciate your interest in studying ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers. ABUTH School of Nursing entrance examination is just by the corner and revising her past questions will go a long way to boost your chances of success. We have put together a compiled PDF copy of ABUTH past questions so that you can download and study at ease.

ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

How well you perform during the exams is greatly dependent on the level of preparation you make, that is why we recommend ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers for you. After studying the sample questions below, quickly proceed to make order for the complete past questions. The procedure for download has also been provided on this page.

ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

Sample Questions

1. Pore sweat is produced during muscular exercise because

A. the contracting muscles produce water

B. fermentation occurs in muscles

C. the temperature of the body rises

D. the muscle fatigues

2. Which of the following neurons may not have myelin sheath?

A. Effector cells

B. Intermediate neurons

C. Motor neurons

D. Sensory neurons

3. During sexual reproduction in Paramecium, how many times does the zygote divide to produce eight nuclei?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

4. Which of the following traits in humans is not a morphological variation?

A. Height

B. Shape of head

C. Colour of skin

D. Ability to roll the tongue

5. The blood group in humans referred to as a universal recipient is

A) O

B) A

C) B


6. Which of these statements about white blood cells is true? They

A. aid clotting of blood

B. carry oxygen round the body

C. are the most numerous blood cells

D. are large nucleated cells

7. Which of the following statements about nerve cells is not correct?

A. The axons relay impulses from the cell Body

B. The cell body is always found at the end of the neurone

C. Each neurone has a cell body

D. The dendrites of one neurone transmit impulses to the cell body

8. In a test for non-reducing sugars like sucrose, what is the significance of adding dilute hydrochloric acid to the original sugar solution? To

A. hydrolyse the non-reducing sugar

B. accelerate he rate of the reaction

C. stabilize the medium

D. sterilize the solution

9. The character that is manifested in an organism in the presence of a contrasting character is known as

A. genotype

B. phenotype

C. recessive

D. dominant

10. Which of the following features does not necessarily place paramecium as a higher level of organisation over Amoeba?

A. Presence of cilia

B. Absence of pseudopodia

C. Presence of micro and mega nuclei

D. Presence of more than one food vacuole

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